English Language Support Service (ELSS)

Each year the Centre for English and Additional Languages invites Visiting English Tutors (VETs) from our sister universities to help Lingnanians improve their English through a variety of language enhancement programmes & social activities which are both fun and educational!

Our main location is the ELSS Drop-In Centre (LBY202), where you can find a variety of English resources, novels, and helpful advice to help improve any aspect of your language learning. No booking is required, just come by and say HI!

We also run group speaking sessions and workshops, one-on-one writing sessions, and group reading workshops that are scheduled at convenient times throughout the week. Our website is your one-stop shop for all of your English Language learning needs! On it you can find exercises, useful information, and our booking system.

In addition, the VETs run a variety of specialty events throughout the semester, such as the English Conversation Series, Movie Nights, TEDx, and other fun social activities both on and off campus and even in hostels.

Make sure to keep track on what’s going on by following us on Facebook & Instagram and check out our YouTube channel for English tips from the VETs!



English Language Support Service

Tel: 2616-7984

Email: cealelss@gmail.com

Homepage: http://ln.edu.hk/ceal/elss/

Drop-In Centre Location:

Room 202, 2nd Floor, B.Y. Lam Building