Match the items on the left to the boxes on the right.

Objects to move

  • Reinforce or add ideas
  • Give examples
  • Show cause
  • Show results
  • Show alternatives
  • Show contrast
  • Summarise
  • Conclude
Function Exponents Example(s)
  • Show sequence
firstly, secondly, first, second, next, then, finally First, I tidied my room. Second, I prepared the meal.
    moreover, besides, furthermore, also, in addition In addition to giving up meat, I also stopped eating dairy products.
      for instance, for example There are several ways to lose weight. For example you can cut down on carbohydrates.
        because, due to, as, since Because he neglected his homework, his grades fell.
          consequently, as a result, therefore The economy has slumped. As a result the share prices have fallen.
            alternatively, instead, otherwise May never watches television in the evening. Instead she reads novels.
              nevertheless, nonetheless, however, on the other hand You have made many grammatical errors. However your imagination is good.
                in short, overall, to summarise, all in all Overall Sharon learnt a lot from the course.
                  in conclusion, to conclude To conclude, we need to borrow more money.