Few teachers (1) a Lamborghini Supercar. Richard Eng (2) , but then he’s one of Hong Kong’s super tutors. No-one (3) more well-known than him in the tutoring world.
Every evening school children (4) extra lessons at his chain of private tutorial centers across the city. Academic competition (5) tough in Hong Kong - the focus is on passing exams. Richard employs 70 tutors and each (6) several full-time assistants. Some of the teachers are very popular and bring in lots of custom
If a tutor has more than 2000 students- over 2000 students- then he can be called a super tutor
Nearly three quarters of Hong Kong children (7) at least 1 hour of tutoring a week. Some (8) centers ever night. Tutorial centers will advertise wherever they can attract students. It's a crowded market
In total there (9)( ) nine universities offering degree courses and the total number of places (10) just 18000. But there are 67000 students in Hong Kong who (11) going to take the examination public examination So you can see that for every 4 students one will go to university
There is no shortage of demand for tutoring in Hong Kong. But tutoring (12) make a lot of demands on students. But that is a risk that parents are prepared to take when they send their children to tutorial centers.