surprise      surprised

a I was so ____surprised______ when I came top of the class.
b To his ____surprise________ , his boss gave him a pay rise.


stability       stable

a. A happy home life gives a child .
b. The country is politically again after the uprising.


success      successful    succeed

a. I wish you every for the future.
b. If at first you don’t , try, try again!


compete     competitive   competition

a. A environment leads to higher grades.
b. Don’t unless you are prepared to lose.


satisfy    satisfactory    satisfaction

a. The exam results are .
b. To the teacher’s , the pass rate was 100%.


lucky     luck

a. The fortune teller predicted I would have a future.
b. This talisman will bring you .


comfort    comfortable 

a. Mr Wong worked hard all his life and is now living in .
b. Try this chair; it’s the most .


convenient    convenience    

a. Owning a washing machine is a great .
b. It’s very living on the Island Line.


entry    enter

a. If you submit your after the deadline, it will not count.
b. Don’t the race unless you are in good health.