31 March, 2015
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Campus news

Lingnan University hosted the annual leadership meeting of the Global Liberal Arts Alliance from 23 to 25 March, with the theme “Quest for Worldwide Impact”.

The annual Lingnan Arts Festival was held from 4 to 31 March, featuring a fascinating array of performances, seminars, exhibitions and concerts, and providing an opportunity for teachers and students of the University and the public to experience the unique liberal arts education at Lingnan.

To arouse teachers’ and students’ awareness of equal opportunities and social inclusion as an intrinsic value of Lingnan’s liberal arts education, the newly inaugurated Lingnan University Equal Opportunities Committee organised the Equal Opportunities Awareness Week from 9 to 13 March.

A beautiful selection of 21 small-to-medium-sized ballpoint pen paintings produced by Hong Kong-based Nepalese artist Mr Dipendra Rai was on display at Lingnan University from 4 to 13 March during “The Magic of Ballpoint Pen Art” exhibition.

Dr Alman Chan Siu-cheuk, Principal of Christian Zheng Sheng College, was invited by Lingnan University to speak on the topic “Life Coach” at the University Assembly held on 23 March.

More than 150 community partners, faculty members and students gathered at the Spring Dinner of the Office of Service-Learning on 6 March, which carried the theme “Empowerment • Ignite”, to share happiness and celebrate Lingnan students’ achievements in Service-Learning.

Around 120 guests, staff and students indulged in the “Bach and His Choral Legacy – The Hong Kong Bach Chamber Choir” music performance on 9 March, which was the first Concerts@Lingnan event held at the Leung Fong Oi Wan Art Gallery.

Integrated Learning Programme has offered three new workshops under the Intrapersonal Intelligence Series to students in March, which provide students with the opportunities to further explore their inner feelings and personal growth for their self-understanding and self-appreciation.

The “Lingather Programme 2015: Alumni Career Advising Night”, organised by the Student Services Centre and the Department of Management, was held on 4 March with some 160 students taking the opportunity to learn about current developments of the job market and employers’ expectations from over 40 alumni.

Mr Sha Hailin, President of the Shanghai Chinese Overseas Friendship Association, visited Lingnan University on 1 March and officiated the opening of the Pan Sutong Shanghai-Hong Kong Economic Policy Research Centre.

A selection of collaborative postcards jointly created by students from four drawing classes of the Department of Visual Studies, Lingnan University was featured in the “Postcards between Friends” exhibition at K11 Art Mall from 4 February to 31 March.

The Core Curriculum and General Education Office launched a unique short film series entitled “Delta Four” on 12 and 19 March, bringing four specially produced film pieces curated for the 14th Venice Biennale International Architecture Exhibition (Hong Kong) to Lingnan’s campus.

Research and academic activities

The Centre for Humanities Research organised the seminar “My 1960s” on 3 March, which also marked the launch of its project on “The Making of Modernism – Hong Kong Literature and Culture of the 1960s” under the Research Grants Council’s General Research Fund.

The Centre for Humanities Research organised the international conference on “The Translation of Literature and Culture in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China during the Cold War Period” from 6 to 7 March.

Lingnan Unversity’s Department of Chinese organised the International Conference on the Ming-Qing Literature and Literary Criticism cum Launching of Lingnan Journal of Chinese Studies, New Series from 20 to 21 March.

Prof Charles Kwong Yim-tze, winner of the 2014 University Grants Committee (UGC) Teaching Excellence Award, Professor of Chinese & Translation and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy of Lingnan University, was invited by the Hong Kong Institute of Education to give a lecture on “Values, Research & Confusion: Whither Education?” on 26 March.

The Office of Research Support conducted two identical talks on 26 February and 17 March to introduce the new internal funding scheme “Knowledge Transfer Project Fund”, which is an initiative to enhance the University’s capacity and efforts in Knowledge Transfer.

Awards and people

The Council of Lingnan University approved on 2 March the recommendation of its Search Committee to appoint Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho as Vice-President for a term of five years.


A new book entitled The Rise of Asian Firms: Strengths and Strategies, edited by Prof Chan Tsang-sing, Shun Hing Chair Professor of Marketing and Prof Cui Geng, Professor of Department of Marketing & International Business, Lingnan University, has been published by Palgrave Macmillan – the publisher of the Journal of International Business Studies.

Lingnan Gardeners’ Newsletter No. 4 is now published.

The 45th volume of “Cultural Studies@Lingnan” is now published.

Centre for Advancement of Outcomes-Based Education’s Newsletter No.2 is now published.

Upcoming events

More information on upcoming activities available at https://www.ln.edu.hk/events