30 April, 2012
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Eight Lingnan students joined the “2011 Chinese Expeditionary Memorial Trip to Yunnan” last December to visit Tengchong, where they uncovered important anecdotes of the Second World War. The trip was organised by the Chinese Patriot Elites Charity Foundation and sponsored by the Wofoo Social Enterprises.

On 12 April, the students shared their experiences based on the themes of “historical sites”, “visits to war veterans” and “cultural exchange with Yunnan students”. They recalled vivid images of a soldier’s utensils during the war, a chair for health check-up at a comfort women centre, a tombstone of the anonymous dead and the bullet holes on old trees, which all underpin the brutality of war.

The Lingnan students were also impressed by the strong devotion of the war veterans, as well as the thorough understanding of history among secondary school students in Yunnan, with whom they had a chance to talk. From their conversations the Lingnan students were inspired to reflect upon their roles and responsibilities of achieving the common good for the nation.