29 April, 2016
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Lingnan University e-News

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The road to academic success of Lingnan’s MPhil student Emile Chan Chun-nam, who received the University’s Outstanding Student Award this year, is an extraordinary one.  With unsatisfactory public examination results, Emile started from scratch, identified his personal goal, overcame obstacles one after the other, and is now aiming far and high for his intellectual pursuit.

When he was a secondary school student, Emile was a video game addict without clear life direction.  With only 1 mark gained from the subject of biology in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, Emile attended a Diploma Yi Jin programme offered by Lingnan Institute of Further Education.  Meanwhile, the turning point of his life came when he attended a talk on philosophy by chance, and discovered in himself a keen interest in philosophy.  With the motivation to pursue his study in philosophy, Emile joined the Associate Degree programme in philosophy offered by the Community College at Lingnan University.

Albeit his determination, Emile’s study met with ensuing challenges.  The most prominent one being the need to strengthen his language ability in English which is the biggest obstacle for his learning at that time.  Yet he was able to overcome the challenges with diligence and persistence.  He then pursued a top-up degree in philosophy in Lingnan, and graduated with first class honour under the careful guidance of teachers he met in the University.  Emile’s hunger for philosophy did not stop there, and now he is a second year MPhil student at Lingnan.

Looking forward, Emile plans to pursue a PhD degree abroad and becomes a philosophy scholar.  He hopes to become a teacher in the future at Lingnan where his intellectual life was nurtured.