28 March, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) Chief Officer Mr Edmund Leung and Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited former Chief Marketing Officer Mr Lawrence Fok were invited to speak at two University Assemblies held in Term 2 of Year 2012/13.

Mr Leung shared his life experience with students under the theme of “A New Angle to View Life as a Journey” on 11 March. With his extensive experience in engineering and the construction industry, Mr Leung talked about how to define life goals, control risks, seize opportunities and manage expectations from a scientific point of view, so that we could live our lives to the fullest.

Two weeks later, Mr Fok was invited to speak on “The Hong Kong Securities Market: Evolution, Current Status and New Opportunities”. He reviewed the changes and reforms of Hong Kong’s financial market, with a focus on how Hong Kong tapped into the opportunities arising from mainland China’s opening-up reforms some twenty years ago. He also provided insights into the directions for further development, including the internationalisation of the Renminbi and commodities.