30 December, 2015
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research and academic activities

The Department of Sociology and Social Policy hosted an international conference entitled “Burma / Myanmar: Taking the Transition to the Next Stage” on 3 December.  The conference brought together experts from universities and research institutes in seven countries to discuss the latest political and social development of Myanmar following its historical elections on 8 November.   

The Conference’s keynote speaker was Professor Mary Callahan from the University of Washington who has been working as an international consultant in Yangon over the past three years.  She recapitulated Myanmar’s development over last decades and the possible way forward in its complicated political transition.  The key note speech and a total of 15 papers were delivered in six sessions, including democratisation, political participation, gender, international context, and transitional justice.  The conference delivered rigorous scholarship and provided a platform for scholars to comment on each other works.