30 May, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research and academic activities

What can you imagine when you hear the word “telepathy”? ET? Or a pair of twins? Students studying Media Art and two interdisciplinary artists had jointly created a series of artworks combining electronic products and other art materials to show the unique materiality and the possible interaction of electronics, aiming at delivering an emotional touch to the viewers.

On 3 May, cross-media artist Mr Hamlet Lin gave an introduction on how media art presents different abstract ideas in his workshops entitled “Tangible Electronic Magic”. Various interactive means were in place, enabling participants to play a role in the presentation of the exhibits.

Another two workshops entitled “Interesting Philosophy” were held on 10 May, during which new media artist and designer Mr Chris Cheung Hom-him presented a series of interactive media art installations under the theme of “amusements”. He had also broken through the theoretical framework of art and “played” a game with the participants.

Artworks by Lingnan Visual Arts students were also presented at these public workshops.

About Hamlet Lin

Mr Hamlet Lin is cross-media artist committed to integrate art into technology who completed his studies in Sweden. His artworks have been shown in art festivals in Sweden, the UK and Hong Kong. He is currently a digital and information literacy coordinator of an international school, and media engineer and interactive design consultant of Noiseless Design.

About Chris Cheung Hom-him

Mr Chris Cheung Hom-him is a new media artist and designer, as well as composer and lyricist of pop music and movies. His works have been shown in different countries and awarded in IFVA、HKDA、GDC11、Japan Applied Typography 2012 and Design for Asia awards and New York Art Director Club Young Guns 11。He founded XEX, an organisation for young artists, in 2007; VIM, an electronic music group in 2008; and built up his own art brand, XCEED, in 2013.