30 November, 2015
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Teaching and Learning

Led by Cultural Service-Learning Elderly Ambassadors of the Sustainable Development Fund Project, a group of 20 Lingnan students of the Service-Learning course “Travel Writing in Chinese” toured around campus on 5 November to explore different varieties of greeneries.

According to course instructor Prof Chan Wai-ying, Associate Professor of Department of Chinese, the course emphasises nurturing students’ observational and creative abilities, and letting students understand their inner-self.  Choi Kwan-yee, a year-4 Philosophy student, thinks that the course provides an opportunity for her to observe the environment and practise how to write articles in descriptive and sentimental styles. She has benefitted a lot from the interaction with elderlies, and discovered their strengths compared to the younger generation.  Cultural Service-Learning Elderly Ambassador Simon Poon Chun-kuen said that serving as an Elderly Ambassador provides an opportunity for him to interact with the younger generation.  He shared that after joining the programme, he often goes outing with his sons during holiday which has enhanced their relationship. 

Lingnan is committed to integrating the concept of “Service-Learning” into our liberal arts education by putting theories into practice for upholding our motto of “Education for Service”. With the support from various academic departments and partner organisations, over 1,000 students participate in different Service-Learning projects each year. Starting from 2012/13, civic engagement (including service-learning courses and community service) becomes a graduation requirement for all 4-year curriculum undergraduate students. In 2016/17, a Service-Learning requirement will be fully implemented as well. For more details, please go to: http://www.ln.edu.hk/ssc/ce/pd_1.php