29 June, 2012
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Internationalisation is not only a distinctive feature of Lingnan’s liberal arts education but also characterises the MIBF programme. Drawing on the diverse backgrounds, expertise and experiences of the faculty, the MIBF programme provides students with a broad-based, internationally-oriented curriculum with balanced coverage of theory and practice. The mix of local and international students also facilitates an inspiring learning experience through insightful exchange and experience sharing.

Mariana Silva, a Mexican student, said, “Lingnan attaches great importance to maintaining an international environment, even among their professors. Therefore I had great exposure to different markets like Latin America, the US and, of course, Asia. This has broadened my perspectives in the banking industry and sharpened my competitive edge.” Mariana interned at Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA, a multinational banking group) in Hong Kong right after graduation and later relocated to Geneva, Switzerland.

Yong Zhuanghua, a Chinese student who obtained his first degree in the UK, was most impressed with the international faculty and fellow students. “Lingnan is a good place for study because there are many friends from all over the world. We always share our experience and happiness together. Our professors often invite their friends with great experience from many different financial institutions to share some practical knowledge too. We have learnt a lot from those insightful talks.”

International students have always been an integral part of the MIBF programme.  Over the last few years, students have come from around the world, including countries such as Canada, Columbia, Czech Republic, Israel, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines, Poland, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, the US, the UK and the Chinese Mainland. In the 2011-2012 academic year, MIBF students benefited from interacting with international students from North America, Latin America and Africa.  Overall, more than 22% of the programme’s students earned their first degree from overseas universities.

As the quality and reputation of the programme continue to rise, the number of applicants has also increased in the last six consecutive years. For the coming cohort, the programme received about 30% more applications than last year. Applicants include graduates from top universities like University of British Columbia, University of Sydney, University of Toronto and University of Wisconsin – Madison.