30 November, 2012
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Awards and people

A team of eight Lingnan students who called themselves “South Boys” won the 1st runner-up prize at the Diamond Sedan Competition held on 14 November at Stanley Plaza.

The team included local, international and mainland students, who were inspired to support social enterprises for their contributions to the community. The team membership also encapsulated internationalisation as a key feature of the liberal arts education at Lingnan. The students were:  

  • Nate Louis
  • Nolan Gibson
  • Quentin Louviot
  • Raphael Stutz
  • Hui Yau-shing
  • Cheng Kai-ming
  • Lei Si-yang
  • Liu Yufang

The Diamond Sedan Competition is a fundraising event organised by social enterprise Diamond Cab to arouse public attention to the need of wheelchair users and to promote barrier-free culture.