31 March, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Lingnan in 2011, Aqua Kang continued her studies at Columbia University in the US and obtained an MA in Clinical Psychology in early 2013. During her graduate studies and the subsequent training as a research assistant at the Department of Epidemiology at Columbia University, she discovered her research interests and professional aspirations. Proficient in Chinese and English, she hopes to make good use of her language abilities and cultural background to offer community intervention help for Asian minorities. “In the future, I want to promote mental health service in China and other developing countries,” she said.

With the offers from four renowned universities, Aqua will soon begin her PhD studies in the University of Florida, supported by a Graduate Assistant Fellowship which covers both tuition and stipend. Looking back, Aqua is grateful for the education she received at Lingnan. “I cherish the liberal arts education which allowed me to build close and meaningful relationships with many professors. ‘Education for service’ has inspired me both personally and professionally,” she said.

Head of the Department of Applied Psychology, Prof Siu Oi-ling, whom Aqua considers as her mentor at Lingnan, shared the joy of Aqua’s outstanding achievements. “I’m so happy to see highly-motivated students like Aqua successfully find their direction for the future. Aqua is a model for young Lingnanians,” said Prof Siu.