08 April, 2011
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research and academic activities

Lingnan University launched its inaugural Arts Week on 21 March 2011. Featuring a fascinating array of performances, lectures, seminars and workshops, the 11-day event was a showcase of the talents and interests of staff and students in multiple art forms. The Arts Week kicked off with a colloquium entitled “Who needs the Arts? The Arts in a Business World”. A double concert staged by the RTHK Quartet and the faculty was held on 23 March, with the afternoon concert featuring poems and songs by famous artists and the evening concert showing an arrangement for string quartet of a violin sonata by Mozart as well as works by Debussy and Ralph Vaughan Williams. 

There was an inspiring lecture on the impact of traditional crafts on modern art in Africa by the University’s Artist-In-Residence, Mr Elkana Ong’esa, who also hosted an open studio to demonstrate wood and stone sculpting. Other interesting activities included a gender forum on independent films, Cantonese and Kunqu operas, Shakespearean dramas, a short play entitled Hong Kong: Live it /Love it created by Lingnan students and a student talent show. Participated by faculty, students, external artists and the public, the Arts Week corresponds with the University’s mission to provide the best liberal arts education for students through a vibrant cultural and learning environment.

“Who needs the Arts? The Arts in a

Business World” Colloquium

Mr Elkana Ong’esa’s open studio



Kunqu opera performance

RTHK Quartet afternoon concert:

A Shropshire Lad: poems and songs