28 December, 2012
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Awards and people

Year 2012 marks an eye-opening journey for our Visual Studies fresh graduate Kasey Wong, who is currently doing an MA in Film Studies at the University of Kent with a Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Postgraduate Scholarship.

Kasey is delighted to have been awarded the scholarship which enabled her to pursue a master’s degree in the UK. The programme brings together students from around the world who are passionate about film studies and allows her to engage with the continuing vibrancy of cinema. She said: “Through classroom discussions and experience sharing, we can all learn from each other in a positive and supportive way.”

In addition to the generosity of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, Kasey also expressed her gratitude to the faculty members at Lingnan University for their support and advice. “The academic staff and visiting artists-in-residence of the Department of Visual Studies not only taught us what was in the curriculum but also shared with us their life experiences. They offered us many opportunities to try as well as freedom to do different things and encouraged us to learn beyond textbooks”, she added.

As a first class honours degree graduate at Lingnan, she treasured most the close faculty-student relationship and hostel life – part of the liberal arts traditions – during her undergraduate years. In the future, Kasey wishes to earn a doctoral degree and accumulate related work experience so that she may someday teach and contribute to the field in return.