29 January, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Three Lingnan Visual Studies students curated the “Human Nature” art exhibition, calling on the public to take an active role in protecting the natural environment and making a better world for our next generation. The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held on 21 January at Joint Publishing Flagship Store in Yuen Long. The exhibition was open to visitors until 30 January.

“Human Nature” is an exhibition of mixed media works such as thought-provoking videos, drawings and installations, which invite its audiences to consider and reflect upon our current living environment, as well as to create a harmonious relationship with nature and the world surrounding us. The feature works were created by Lingnan Visual Studies students on artist-in-residence Anna Glynn’s course “Playing with Multimedia”.

The three student curators, Joyce Li, Ellen Luk and Presie Tsvetanova, interpreted the exhibition theme “Human Nature” as “Life is about the pursuit for purity in nature”. They would like to use the exhibition to encourage visitors to the Joint Publishing store and the Yuen Long community to take an active role in protecting our living environment and nature. “In this exhibition, you can enjoy works related to the living environment in Hong Kong as well as the recent environmental issues around the world. We would like to reflect on the fact that humanity has been moving away from nature, and hope to arouse everyone’s concern for the environment and to prepare a better world for our next generation,” they said.