30 September, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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The emphasis on the production of research papers has led to questionable research practices and a call for socially responsible scholarship from Prof Anne Tsui, Professor Emerita at the Arizona State University.

Prof Tsui was speaking at an academic seminar titled “Spirit of Science and Socially Responsible Scholarship” organised by the Hong Kong Institute of Business Studies of Lingnan University on 24 September.

According to Prof Tsui, the dominant research culture focuses on counting the number of articles in a set list of A-ranked journals as the major if not sole criterion for evaluating the contribution of a scholar’s work. This has resulted in a gap between research and practice, homogenisation of the knowledge production process and outcomes, uncritical acceptance and application of theories, and disillusionment among young scholars. And these problems reveal the loss of the spirit of science leading to counterfeit scholarship that serves no one except the researchers or the research institutions themselves. She encouraged academics to be more self-reflective and to pursue socially responsible research which can make life better for ordinary people.

Prof Tsui is a distinguished scholar who has contributed a lot to changing the western-oriented approach in management studies and integrating Chinese management scholars into the international academic community. She was the 14th Editor of the top ranked Academy of Management Journal and the 67th President of the Academy of Management with almost 20,000 members worldwide.