28 November, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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A new book entitled Anthology of Hong Kong Cantonese Opera: The Fong Yim Volume, edited by Prof Li Siu-leung, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Cultural Studies of Lingnan University, has been published with the support of the Cantonese Opera Development Fund.

This anthology collects five play-scripts, with English translation, of the representative works performed by the “Queen of Diva” Fong Yim-fun. Such works include "The Forsaken Woman", "Cheung Yuk Kiu: A Heroine for All Time", "Leung Shan Pak and Chuk Ying Toi: The Regretful Tale of the Butterfly Lovers", "Snow in June" and "The Happy Marriage of Red Phoenix". The collection is suitable for Cantonese opera practitioners, audiences as well as members of the academic sector.