31 March, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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On 21 March, Prof Avinash Dixit, Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Economics, Lingnan University, shared his research findings on corruption during a public lecture entitled “Corruption: Demand-Side and Supply-Side Solutions”.

Corruption is probably the greatest obstacle to successful social and economic development. In his lecture, Prof Dixit pointed out that it is difficult to eliminate corruption because the governments and their agencies in charge of the effort are often the same ones who benefit most from continued corruption. To cope with the problem, Prof Dixit suggested that successful anti-corruption reforms should not only depend on top-down promulgation of laws and penalties, but also broader support from the business community and larger society, such as setting up industry-based proactive tribunals to adjudicate suspected cases.

Prof Dixit was appointed as Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Economics at Lingnan University in May 2009 for a term of five years. During his six-week visit to Lingnan each year, Prof Dixit gave lectures and conduct research in campus. This is the last year of Prof Dixit’s term of appointment.

Please visit http://www.library.ln.edu.hk/find/lectures_seminars/sem_corruption to review Prof Dixit’s lecture.