30 October, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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New graduates celebrated the completion of their studies together with their family members and friends at the 45th Congregation of Lingnan University held on 20 October. This year, a total of 986 students were awarded bachelor’s degrees, postgraduate diplomas, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees.

In his address at the ceremony, President Leonard K Cheng called upon graduates and students to practise mutual respect and humility, and go beyond interests dictated by proximity. “The university is a place of special privilege and purpose. With this privilege comes the moral duty to uphold and respect the diversity of views that flourish within the university community. This means that while we express our views with passion and conviction, we should always respect the right of others to hold views different from our own”, said Prof Cheng.

On the same occasion, honorary doctoral degrees were conferred upon three distinguished individuals by Council Chairman Mr Bernard Charnwut Chan in recognition of their outstanding contributions to education and society. They are:

  • Dr Philip Chen Nan-lok, GBS, JP, Doctor of Business Administration, honoris causa
  • Prof Liu Yi-chang, BBS, MH, Doctor of Literature, honoris causa
  • Prof Frederick Ma Si-hang, GBS, JP, Doctor of Social Sciences, honoris causa

On behalf of the honorary graduates, Prof Frederick Ma Si-hang expressed gratitude to Lingnan University. He cited Lingnan’s educational premises of liberal arts education to call for respect of diversity and differences. “Only when we have mutual respect and seek common ground while preserving differences can we establish mutual trust and facilitate communication. And only when we communicate can we reach consensus, and give Hong Kong a promising tomorrow,” said Prof Ma.

Please go to http://www.ln.edu.hk/news/20141020/45th_congregation to read citations on the honorary graduates.