28 February, 2012
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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  • CHR hosts seminar on cinema, literature and art

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At the public seminar at Kubrick bookstore in Yaumatei on 4 February, veteran film critic and programmer Law Kar said old films in Hong Kong and around the world used to have a poetic ambience and highly impressive or thought-provoking shots and scenes, which is harder to find in recent works. Prof Leo Lee Ou-fan of the Chinese University concurred, adding that many films in recent years were superb in terms of technique but failed to move the audience and left no room for imagination.

Dr Mary Wong Shuk-han of Lingnan University responded that cinema and literature used to have a very close relationship. Not only were many films adapted from literary works but prominent directors were either eminent writers themselves or artists who had profound knowledge of literature. But contemporary filmmakers may have chosen to reduce the literary aesthetics of their works due to commercial considerations in the increasingly commercialised film industry. Ben Wong, a screenwriter of Life Without Principle and the chief editor of the Literature and Cinema Series, said literature is an important source of inspiration for films but it is also true that the connections between Hong Kong cinema and literature have loosened over time. He called on film industry practitioners, critics and the audience to work collectively to revitalise the strong links between Hong Kong cinema and literature.