31 May, 2012
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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The newly created Centre for Cinema Studies organised an inaugural conference entitled “The Education of the Filmmaker: Views from Around the World” on 25-27 May, with the aim of exploring innovative approaches to practice-based film education and training. Of special interest are approaches in which filmmaking is envisaged as contributing to the creation of sustainable communities.

The conference was opened with welcoming remarks by Lingnan University Acting President Prof Jesús Seade. He said members of the Centre came from different departments in the Faculty of Arts at Lingnan University, bringing with them their rich research expertise.  Prof Mette Hjort, the Centre’s Co-Director, said the Centre aims to create a dynamic research environment for emerging and established researchers, to contribute to policy-related discussions in Hong Kong, to stimulate public interest in film culture, and to support filmmakers’ efforts to develop independent filmmaking in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland, through various forms of community engagement.

Renowned scholars from around the globe, including Japan, India, the US, South Africa, Nigeria, Ireland, Palestine, Canada, the UK and the Netherlands were invited to share insights on innovative film training and to shed light on the many promising initiatives that have been mounted in Australia, Africa and the Middle East, places that are generally seen as quite remote from the cinematic mainstream.