30 May, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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The Centre for Humanities Research (CHR) of Lingnan University organised a workshop on Chinese Literature and Comparative Literature Research on 5 May, discussing renowned contemporary Chinese novelist Su Tong’s literary works including his full-length novels and short stories as well as their adaptation and translation.

Prof Huang Ziping, visiting professor of the Department of Chinese and Mr Su Tong made the opening addresses. Prof Liu Jianmei of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology discussed Mr Su’s latest novel The Oriole, which was followed by presentations of Prof Vivien Wei Yan and Dr Leung Shuk-man, both from Lingnan’s Chinese Department. CHR director Prof Mary Wong Shuk-han and research assistant Mr Matthew Cheng gave critical assessments of the film adaptations of Mr Su’s works. Prof Red Chan and Prof Tong Man from Lingnan’s Department of Translation analysed the English translations of Mr Su’s works. The workshop was concluded with a discussion on Mr Su’s short stories, including remarks by HKU SPACE’s Dr Ng Mei-kwan on Mr Su’s coming-of-age stories.

Doctorate students of Lingnan’s Department of Chinese, Ms Shum Hoi-yin and Mr Ma Sai-ho, also presented their respective papers at the workshop. Mr Chris Song of CHR shared his own English translation of Mr Su’s novella Boy in the Well. Renowned translators and sinologists Dr Martin Merz and Ms Jane Pan also joined the discussion on translation of Mr Su’s fiction.

Su Tong is the Writer-in-Residence of Lingnan University this year. During his stay with Lingnan, he teaches a course on “Discovering Short Stories” and leads the students to create their own short stories. He has also presented two public lectures entitled “Literature, in Small Times, in Great Times” on 25 March and “From Raise the Red Lantern to The Oriole” on 10 April respectively.

Please go to the below links to review the public lectures:

http://www.ln.edu.hk/news/20140325/Su_Tong_LN (25 March 2014)
http://www.ln.edu.hk/news/20140411/su_tong_semianr_10%20April (10 April 2014)