29 December, 2011
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research and academic activities

Apart from being a paediatrician, Dr Guevara is a Marxist who advocates human rights and debt relief for developing countries. During an interview with the local press, she talked about the importance of people’s conscience as an agent for social change. According to Dr Guevara, multinational enterprises tend to avoid actions which would violate the laws in their own countries. However, they have never stopped exercising their economic power to destroy the nature of developing countries. “They haven’t realised that there is only one planet for all of us. We are in a difficult moment as people are heartless to the problems in other parts of the world,” said Dr Guevara, who urges people to look for common goals. To Dr Guevara, revolution means changing what is necessary to change for the underprivileged. Before we can carry out this change, we have to realise the true essence of "democracy" and "power of the people". 

Speaking on the recent "Occupy Wall Street" movement and the failure of capitalism following the 2008 economic crisis, Dr Guevara believes it is a good first step but more has to be done for the goals to be achieved. As a supporter of those movements, she shared a story about a mother who died defending a piece of land to feed her children and said, "No matter what ideology we have, sometimes life only reveals itself in two paths – either you die of hunger and poverty, or you die trying to change the reality."