31 May, 2016
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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After two and half years of in-depth study, Prof Preet Hiradhar, Assistant Professor of Department of English of Lingnan University published the second edition of the book Critical Reading and Writing in the Digital Age together with Prof Andrew Goatly, Honorary Professor of Department of English.

The book explores the power relations at work in and behind the texts we encounter in our everyday lives.  Using examples from numerous genres – such as popular fiction, advertisements and newspapers – this textbook examines the language choices a writer must make in structuring texts, representing the world and positioning the reader.  Assuming no prior knowledge of linguistics, the book offers guidance on how to read texts critically and how to develop effective writing skills.

The book provides the linguistic tools to: 

  • analyse and produce texts in the areas of advertising, news, humour and poetry;
  • uncover the ideologies expressed in these texts;
  • challenge existing power structures and media representations with their own writing.

The book comes along with a companion website which is also designed and developed by Prof Hiradhar.  The website includes small-scale activities and projects, and explores the use of social media, blogs and wikis in the digital age.