30 July, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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About 60 Lingnan students, primary school students and senior citizens of the Elder Academy at Lingnan participated in the Cultural Sustainable Project organised by Office of Service-Learning to re-discover local culture and history, and to foster closer relations between the elderly and the youth.

As Culture Service-Learning Ambassadors, all participants learned some traditional handicrafts and passed the skills on to the local community through service-learning projects. They also visited different parts of Hong Kong and conducted interviews with local residents for interesting but untold, or forgotten, stories. A sharing session was held on 28 June for some of the ambassadors to share their experience and achievements in the project.

A photo competition themed on culture of New Territories West and sustainable development was also organised as part of the project. Winners of the competition are as follows:

Culture of New Territories West


  • “Backyard of the Concrete Jungle” by Ms Chan Chui-ling
  • “Tai Wong Temple” by Ms Luk Sin-yi

Second runner-up:

  • “Extend New Territories West” by Ms Chan Chui-chu

Outstanding awards:

  • “I Come from Yuen Long” by Ms Wong Ka-yan
  • “Room of Official Titles of Kun Ting Study Hall” by Ms Liu Yuet-lan

Sustainable Development


  • “Decipherer of Troubles” by Ms Wong Ka-yan

First runners-up:

  • “Our Future” by Ms Chan Chui-chu
  • “Rubble under West Rail” by Ms Luk Sin-yi

Outstanding awards:

  • “New Dynamics of Cantonese Opera” by Ms Tsang Cho-ki
  • “The Forgotten Cottage” by Ms Chan Tsui-ling

Ms Chan Tsui-ling’s entries in both categories also won the “Most Popular Award”. All award-winning photos have been uploaded to www.facebook.com/SDF628.

The judge panel was comprised of Prof Yeung Wing-lok, Associate Professor of Department of Computing and Decision Sciences; Ms Chan Wing-yee, Service-Learning Teaching Fellow of Office of Service-Learning, and Mr Mok Ho-kwong, founder of Natural Network.