01 February, 2011
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research and academic activities

Prof Avinash Dixit, who was appointed a Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Economics by Lingnan University for a term of five years from May 2009, gave two more lectures in November 2010. During the lecture on “The Rise of ‘Southern’ Multinationals: Bad Domestic Governance as Good Training for FDI” on 12 November, Prof Dixit shared his insightful research findings on the trend of increasing investment by firms from middle and lower income countries into countries of similar income levels or even rich economies. In his lecture on “Game Theory in ‘Real’ Life: The Art and Science of Strategies in Movies, Sports, and Literature” on 24 November, he discussed concepts from game theory and strategy, for example mixing moves, information manipulation, and threats in bargaining, by using clips from movies and examples from sports and literature.

Prof Avinash Dixit