28 June, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Dr Sophia Law, Associate Professor of Department of Visual Studies and Dr Tingting Chen, Assistant Professor of Department of Management, were honoured with the Lingnan University “Education for Service” Faculty Award at the Opening Ceremony of the 4th Asia-Pacific Regional Conference on Service-Learning held on 5 June. As Dr Chen was on leave, Director of Business Programmes Prof Robin Snell received the award on behalf of her.

Dr Law has a superb record of achievements as a researcher, teacher and public service advocator, especially through her Service-Learning course “Art and Well-Being”. Dr Chen, who exemplifies a deep commitment to fostering the professional and personal development of her students, has set a high standard for personal commitment, involvement, integrity, and dedication for improving Service-Learning education through her efforts in the “Leadership & Teamwork” and “Strategic Management” courses.  Dr Law and Dr Chen have become driving forces for innovative initiatives that have created major impacts on the field of Service-Learning.

Dr Chen said, “By perfectly aligning the needs of teaching and learning with those of the community, service-learning projects provide students with a memorable learning experience to apply their subject-related knowledge to contribute to the community. Students make great progresses, as well as develop a sense of achievement and a caring disposition during the course. I deeply appreciate this wonderful platform that Service-Learning creates.”

Similarly, Dr Law explained how her passion for the arts had become a progressive force to transform her students and the community, “I am always touched by the impact of service-learning on my students that I have witnessed, namely a natural cultivation of the vision to serve. Using their knowledge of art to help people in need, I see my students get connected with different communities and start to care for the others. The process is so natural that they take it not as giving, but as taking responsibility.”

The award celebrates their success and contribution, as well as for developing new Service-Learning courses and their future research related to Service-Learning.