30 June, 2016
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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At Lingnan, we believe in the power of liberal arts education in transforming the lives of students. This is achieved through our inter-disciplinary curriculum, fully residential campus, close faculty-student relationships, rich international exchange and internship opportunities, as well as the long tradition of engaging students in community service.

In the video “Where Transformation Begins”, Translation student Cecilia Chen and Visual Studies student Nicol Cheung acquired a global vision after immersing in an internationalised campus and studying abroad as scholarship students. Social Sciences student Jeff Chan, on the other hand, had a taste of becoming an entrepreneur after participating in an internship programme, while Sylvia You, an accounting student, shared how Service-Learning helped her horn the skills essential for a leader and start a career in accounting.

The other video “Go Global. Enrich Life.” outlines the exchange experience of four students. Facing different challenges abroad, Translation student Richard Yoong and Chinese student Sherman Wong learned to find solutions and, in the process, understood more about themselves. Equally interesting are the stories of Akinyemi Smith and Maria Henriques who found their second home at Lingnan.

Learn how students benefit from Lingnan education by viewing our new videos:

"Where Transformation Begins"

 "Go Global. Enrich Life."