28 June, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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International artist and educator Prof Caren Cunningham shared her artwork at an exhibition entitled “Identity” at the Leung Fong Oi Wan Art Gallery of Lingnan University on 8-23 June. According to Prof Cunningham, identity is a dialogue between personal perception and cultural norms. By interpreting hair samples and graffiti letters in her artwork, she hopes to provide a platform for visitors to reconsider identity and expression.

The first part of Prof Cunningham’s exhibition showed close-up pictures of human and animal hairs. “Scientists can tell who you are with a single strand of hair,” said Prof Cunningham.

The second part of the exhibition presented graffiti alphabet taken from trains and cars. The project began one day when she heard a train passing her home. She grabbed her camera and ran to the track, photographing pieces of graffiti on the train. It has taken hundreds of trains and thousands of cars to gather the graffiti letters displayed at the exhibition. 

By photographically capturing such details and turning them into pictorial compositions, she invites viewers to rethink the relationship among reality, identity and expression.

Prof Cunningham is the Director of the Arts Administration Programme at Bellarmine University in the US, with over 24 years of university teaching experience spanning three continents. She has produced 29 solo exhibitions and participated in over 60 group exhibitions in various countries. Prof Cunningham spent this summer term at Lingnan and taught a drawing class of 16 students.