30 August, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Five new books  (in Chinese) by Dr Chin Wan-kan, assistant professor in Chinese at Lingnan, have been launched at the Hong Kong Book Fair, namely Reflections on Travels to Europe, Shau Kei Wan – Where We All Want to Live, Write Better Chinese – I Know How, Defending Hong Kong and Radical Quotes of Chin Wan.

Adopting the same title of a travel journal by Liang Qichao, Reflections on Travels to Europe records Dr Chin’s experience of learning French and living in France when he travelled there on a summer term scholarship during his study at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Shau Kei Wan – Where We All Want to Live portrays the old landscape and culture of Shau Kei Wan, one of the oldest areas on eastern Hong Kong Island.

Dr Chin thinks that the teaching of Chinese today focuses too much on grammar and turns students into robots. In his Write Better Chinese – I Know How, he suggested to revive education in literature to enable students to learn the rhythm of traditional Chinese poetry and antithesis in classical prose, so that they can write with a more literary style.

In response to intensifying conflicts between Hong Kong and mainland Chinese interests, Dr Chin, the advocate of the Hong Kong Autonomy Movement, called on the people of Hong Kong to defend their home in Defending Hong Kong. Radical Quotes of Chin Wan is a collection of his words on Hong Kong autonomy compiled by Ms Lee Wai, a veteran reporter and editor.