31 March, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Awards and people

Three local and one Mainland students of Lingnan University were awarded The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship 2013 on 20 March.

Cody Chan, Year 2 student from the Department of English, achieved an impressive GPA of 3.89 and made his name on the President’s List last year. Not only has he taken up leadership roles at the New Student Orientation and Information Day, Cody has also been a leader in multiple community services outside campus. With strong interest in language and literature, he aspires to become a columnist in English newspapers.

Year 2 student Lindsay Lam, another recipient from the same department, was also on the President’s List last year. She has received various scholarships including the HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship 2013, Sohmen Exchange Scholarship and Sir Edward Youde Memorial Honorary Scholarship, and is now spending the semester as an exchange student in the US. Lindsay hopes to inspire others and be inspired in the process of writing literary works in the future.

Year 2 Social Sciences student Jenny Lam is one of the awardees. On top of her outstanding academic ability, Jenny has organised environmental education programmes in the Dongjiang area with Friends of the Earth and has done renovation work for rural schools in Indonesia. Convinced that good research is the foundation of good public policy, Jenny wants to become a researcher and contribute to the policy-making process in Hong Kong.

Year 2 Business Administration student Rance Wu grew up in Ningbo in Mainland China and developed an interest in business operations since young. Apart from serving as Vice President of the Lingnan University Chinese Students and Scholars Association, he has also taught children English in various community projects. He looks forward to becoming a businessman with global vision and serving as a bridge between Hong Kong and the Mainland.   

Each year, three scholarships are awarded to local students and one to Mainland student in each of the nine institutions, covering the tuition fee, as well as academic and living expenses for four years of undergraduate study.