30 April, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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What is travelling all about? A break? A journey to pursue a dream? A short interval to find your own way of life? Full-time traveller and independent reporter Ng Mun-mun shared with Lingnan students her 215-day journey to Tibet, Nepal and India at a seminar “Travel as a Way of Life” on 7 April.

Mun-mun quitted her job as a news anchor four years ago for health reasons, and embarked on her journey as a backpack traveller. Her travel experience, however, is starkly different from those of ordinary tourists. She usually stays in each of her destinations for at least a month, in order to observe local life, culture and customs. At the sharing session, she highlighted the unforgettable experience of visiting some children born with HIV in an orphanage in a mountainous area of Nepal. Although they have little choice of their way of life, they manage to live vigorously and aspire to become doctors and nurses when grown up, in order to reciprocate those who have taken care of them. Mun-mun was deeply touched and reflected upon her life in Hong Kong, where, despite all the norms and constraints, people still enjoy the freedom of choosing their own way of life. She also encouraged students not only to enjoy travelling but also to observe and think, to explore interesting anecdotes and to make an impact on others.

Born as Ng Yui-mun, Ng Mun-mun worked as a news anchor and is now a full-time traveller and independent reporter. Her book on the 215-day journey to Tibet, Nepal and India, Reside Abroad, was published in late 2013.