10 June, 2011
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Campus news

An eco-tour to Singapore, under the Lingnan University Green Campus Programme, was held from 18 to 22 May 2011, allowing the ten Green Ambassadors to learn more about the environmental protection and nature conservation policies of the Lion City. Lingnan’s Green Campus Programme was started in 2008/09 with sponsorship by Hang Seng Bank. 

During the tour, the students visited various environmental landmarks including Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and a natural reserve area in Chek Jawa. On the last day of the trip, the delegation went to the NEWater Visit Centre, where they were briefed about how Singapore, with limited natural resources, uses technologies to recycle used water to become “new water”, so as to enable themselves to become self-sufficient in future. 

The Green Ambassadors found the trip an eye-opening experience, which had made them see the importance of conserving natural resources and reflect on the inadequacies of Hong Kong’s environmental protection work.