28 December, 2012
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Campus news

Hong Kong people are slightly less happy than last year, according to Lingnan University’s latest happiness index survey.

Announced by Prof Ho Lok-sang, Director of the Centre for Public Policy Studies, on 12 December, results of the “Hong Kong Happiness Index Survey 2012” indicated a slight slip of Hong Kong people’s happiness index to 70.5, from 71.3 last year on a scale of 0-100. As before, females continue to command a premium over males in happiness, and older people tend to be happier.

Working pressures, particularly excessively long hours, and financial pressures are important causes of unhappiness among Hong Kong people. While low-income families are generally less happy than those better off, the lowest happiness score, at 66.9, however, goes to the sandwich class with monthly income of HK$30,000-39,999 per month.

Designed and conducted by the Centre for Public Policy Studies of Lingnan University, the Hong Kong Happiness Index Survey 2012 is the eighth in the series. A total of 926 respondents aged 21 or above were interviewed by telephone through random sampling on 8-13 November.

Please go to http://www.ln.edu.hk/news/20121212/happinessindex_2012 to review the full report of “Hong Kong Happiness Index Survey 2012”.