30 September, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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The University records with deep sadness the passing of Dr Ng Wing-mui (Mui-E) in late July. “Mui-E’s passing away is a tremendous loss to our culture. She was one of the greatest artists of the Cantonese naamyam. While we are very sad, and we regret that there had not been an opportunity to hold a proper artistic career celebration recital for Mui-E, we feel honoured and proud to have her with us last November when she received the degree of Doctor of Humanities from the University,” said Associate Vice-President (Academic Affairs) and Registrar Prof Stephen Chan.

Dr Ng was a master singer in both Cantonese operatic song (yuetkuk) and Cantonese narrative singing naamyam. She was also a very talented instrumental performer, especially skilled in the long-neck plucked lute (qinqin) and the hammered dulcimer (yangqin). After receiving the Award of Distinction from the Macau SAR Government in 2012, Dr Ng was honoured as a national bearer of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of naamyam singing by the Chinese central government in 2013.

Prof Chan was invited by Dr Ng’s family to be one of the pall-bearers on behalf of the University at her funeral on 6 August. Prof Li Siu-leung, Head of the Department of Cultural Studies, also attended the funeral to pay his last respects to Dr Ng. In memory of Dr Ng, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Kwan Fong Cultural Research and Development Programme co-organised a concert titled “Academy Chinese Music Concert – In Memory of Dr Ng Wing-mui” on 24 September, at which Prof Chan delivered a speech.