30 April, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Visual Studies students at Lingnan are organising the first Art Wall Exhibition from 7 April to 30 September to showcase more than 150 photos of the blue sky collected by creative artist Teresa Leung. A launch ceremony was held on 7 April.

“The photos of the blue sky you see here are part of a set of more than 150 photos I have collected by barter,” said Ms Leung. Since the chance of seeing the blue sky in Hong Kong is getting slimmer, Ms Leung came up with the idea of trading artworks of the blue sky through barter instead of money-based transactions. During the process she brushed up her negotiation skills, realised what exchanging photos may mean to the people and got to know places she had never heard off. “All these experiences are what money-based transactions cannot offer.”

Ms Leung also demonstrated “art-as-an-experience” in this project, during which participants became art project collaborators and were acknowledged for their contribution to the project. On 17 April, Ms Leung was invited to share with Lingnan students her art inspirations and creative path, as well as her thoughts on shared art experience and collaborative artworks, at a seminar on “Meet the artist: visualise the experience, experience the visual”.

Art Wall is a brand new display area for the Visual Studies community. The first public exhibition at Art Wall is curated by Visual Studies Year-two students Christy Cheung, Coco Chan and Flora Chen. For more details, please go to: http://www.facebook.com/VS.ArtWall.

When asked about what they had gained from organising the exhibition, the student curators agreed that they now have a better understanding of contemporary arts with enhanced curiosity and imagination. Their curatorship also provided a great opportunity to learn and practise, as well as to explore the possibility of visual arts and culture. The students were thankful to Ms Leung and the faculty members for their great support and contribution to make the exhibition a success.

Ms Teresa Leung graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Master of Arts degree in Fine Arts. Her artworks have been exhibited in Bulgaria, Berlin, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Spain, Slovenia, and the UK. She explores art-as-responses to urban situations and creates shared-experiences by involving people as collaborators. Most of her recent works reflect her interest in the space of urban non-places such as harbour-front and highways, their possible functions and people’s interaction with them. For more information, please visit: http://www.teresart.net/.