29 March, 2012
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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In her inaugural lecture, Prof Mette Hjort, Chair Professor and Head of the Department of Visual Studies and Co-Director of the Centre for Cinema Studies at Lingnan University, explored and identified at least three contributions that documentary filmmakers make to our lives and societies. These include offering the possibility of encounters that help to make us more capacious as human beings by showing us the dignity of other ways of life; effecting positive change in those who struggle with depression, with problems having to do with low self-esteem, or with the effects of trauma; as well as providing “alternative” and deeply “personal” perspectives on reality. 

Prof Hjort had also put forward a number of recommendations to support the production and development of documentary filmmaking, especially in a Hong Kong context. She shed some light on micro-financing initiatives associated with the visionary non-profit organisation CNEX, audience involvement in local film festivals, and the role that film scholars have to play in helping innovative documentary film training initiatives to flourish.

Please go to http://libmedia.ln.edu.hk/media8/www/lib/2012/sem_documentary_film.html to review the seminar.