29 May, 2015
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research and academic activities

An international conference entitled “Among Empires: the British Empire in Global Imperial Context”, organised by the Department of History of Lingnan University, was held from 27 to 29 May on campus.

The conference addressed the British Empire within the context of its relations with rival empires-including those of other European imperial powers, the “traditional” land-based empires of Asia and Africa, and emergent transnational or multinational institutions or domains. It explored both formal and informal manifestations of empire, and from all angles, spanning the cultural and intellectual, political, social, military, and economic. Various papers examined comparative themes, encounters along the borders of empires, the conflict between imperial powers, and migrations across empires.

Keynote lectures were delivered by Prof Lauren Benton from New York University, Prof Robert Bickers from University of Bristol and Prof John Darwin from University of Cambridge.