30 November, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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President Leonard K Cheng and four guest speakers from various departments at Lingnan University were invited to the LN-Talk organised by the Service-Learning Student Association on 25 November to share their insights on a wide range of social and self-help issues.

The evening talks opened with President Cheng’s speech on the impact of the Direct Subsidy Scheme on high quality secondary education. He also discussed trends of education in Hong Kong, such as a growing demand for elite education by middle- and upper-middle class families, and the pressure to shrink total supply due to a declining student population. His speech was followed by a presentation by Prof Red Chan Mei-hung, Department of Translation, on the impact of translation on everyday life, and the importance of people’s participation in the global-local circulations of ideas and products in translation. Prof Annie Chan of the Department of Sociology and Social Policy then talked about equality in an attempt to define what it is and what it is for. Prof Ada Wong Hiu-kan of the Department of Marketing and International Business shared the secrets of making a change and realising your dream. The talks were concluded by Dr Carol Ma, Assistant Director of Office of Service-Learning, who told her own story of how she was transformed from a naive student who cared about nothing but her grades to someone determined to make the world better for everyone.

Inspired by TED Talks, which started with technology, entertainment and design topics but have now evolved to cover business, science and global issues, LN-Talks are 10-minute presentations on any given topic aimed at sharing insights with students and inspiring them to develop new perspectives about the world.