29 January, 2016
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Sylvia You Shuya is a Year 4 Accounting student who will embark on her career journey this summer.  Looking back to her four-years study at Lingnan after she left her hometown of Urumqi of Mainland China to Hong Kong, Sylvia is very grateful for the University for transforming her from a girl who knew little about business and Hong Kong to a capable student with international outlook.

Over the past years, Sylvia has grasped internship opportunities lined up by the University in several international and Mainland enterprises, including Disneyland in Florida, USA. “Working in the largest Disneyland in the world not only enables me to understand the operation and management of leading enterprises, but also enhances my oral English. I also learned how to work in a fast-paced and diversified environment and communicate with customers of different backgrounds and nationalities. These skills are very much beneficial to my future career development.”

In addition to internship, Sylvia also benefitted substantially from the liberal arts education and colorful campus life of Lingnan, which helped her in securing job offers from all big four accounting firms in Hong Kong successfully. “I think the most competitive people now are those who can perform well in different edges. Lingnan’s liberal arts education, which encourages students to develop an area of expertise while acquiring knowledge in different aspects, does help me a lot. In addition, I have participated in many school activities every year, and these activities not only strengthened my social connections, but also enhanced my organizational and leadership ability, and these qualities are of high value for employers these days. It is Lingnan’s liberal arts education that helps me outstand others.”