28 November, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Two music concerts were organised on 5 November, making it Lingnan’s first “Music Day” which is part of the University’s new initiative to enrich the music culture on campus. With the aim to further our liberal arts vision for students and the broader community, Lingnan will present an ambitious concert calendar showcasing a wide range of musical styles, and expand its course offerings in musical subjects.

“Jazz Duo under the Skylight” was the first Jazz music performance being held under the Skylight. Two world-renowned jazz musicians Andrea Marcelli (drums) and Nicholas Bouloukos (keyboard) brought Lingnanians a wonderful outdoor concert during the lunch time. They showcased a variety of jazz styles and creative rhythms, featuring Bebop Jazz, Latin-Jazz, Bossa-Nova, Samba-Jazz, Blues, Funk-Jazz grooves, Swing, Calypso and other Brazilian rhythms. Over 100 students and staff attended the concert, and some even stayed for a chat with the musicians, sharing thoughts and learning skills about Jazz music.

“Tango Concert” was another great music event held on the same day. Going back to an indoor setting, the concert brought an expressive yet energetic music style to the audience. Eduardo Tami, a renowned Argentina musician, presented a series of Argentine music by flute and different instrumental combinations with “the ensemble of The Music Circles”. He also explained the characteristics, origins and specific details of each one, like modern and traditional tango, milonga, waltz and candombe. Together with the dancers’ excellent tango performance, around 200 students and staff were offered an enjoyable “Argentine” evening.