28 November, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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The Lingnan Gardeners project, organised under the Culture and Sustainable Livelihood research cluster of the Kwan Fong Cultural Research and Development Programme, was inaugurated on 25 November. The project pulls together efforts of staff, students and alumni for Lingnan to become the pioneer in developing a “transition campus” in Hong Kong.

Land is the basis for sustainable livelihood. Unfettered development ruins the land and destroys the balance of nature, rendering us a parasitical existence with unrestrained pillage of nature and dependence on foreign resources. The concept of “transition campus” is derived from the development of “transition towns” in some overseas countries to re-nurture soil and roots above cemented grounds as an alternative out of this urban crisis.

The Lingnan Gardeners project promotes organic farming and related research studies, drawing attention to the relationship between land and food as well as the direction of our future development, and opening the way for a transition campus. With the support of the University, designated areas in between academic buildings were allocated for the farming of crops. Through manual labour as well as study and discussion groups, participants can retrace the steps of nature to realise self-sufficiency, rebuild community cohesion, and foster the spirit of liberal arts education.

At the project’s inauguration ceremony, President Leonard K Cheng said the wonderful campus environment of Lingnan University was the result of the appropriate development of natural lands. Lingnanians should be grateful to nature for providing a shelter for the growth of the University. “I believe the Lingnan Gardeners project can help us ponder environmental, global warming, ecological, food crisis and processed food issues facing Hong Kong and even the world. It can also help us think about the future development direction of Hong Kong, and what each one of us can do to bring positive changes to ourselves and society,” he said.

Lingnan staff, students, alumni and their families are welcome to join the Lingnan Gardeners group and enjoy farming. Interested parties can call 2616 7675 for more details.