30 July, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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On 6-8 June, 80 Guangzhou Lingnan (University) College students met 92 counterparts from Lingnan University in an exchange programme on campus, which included badminton, basketball, football, table tennis, volleyball and debate competitions, as well as a sharing session, to enhance understanding and build friendships.

President Leonard K Cheng of Lingnan University welcomed all students at the dinner on 7 June. He said Lingnan University and Guangzhou Lingnan (University) College are two branches of the same family, the old Lingnan University in Guangzhou. He was glad to see that the exchange activities had brought both sides together for a reunion. He also thanked the generous support of the Council of the Guangzhou Lingnan (University) College for the exchange programme, which helped strengthen the ties among all Lingnanians.

Since 1995, students from Lingnan University and Guangzhou Lingnan (University) College have been visiting the Guangzhou and Hong Kong campus on a rotation basis to build friendships under the student exchange programme, which is sponsored by the Council of the Guangzhou Lingnan (University) College.