28 November, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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The Teaching Excellence and Research Excellence Awards Presentation Ceremony 2013/14 of Lingnan University was held on 14 November. The award schemes, presented on a biennial basis, aim to recognise the dedication and outstanding achievements of the University’s academic staff in their teaching and research endeavours.

Under the Teaching Excellence Awards Scheme, nine awards were presented this year including Teaching Excellence Awards, Certificates of Merit, and the Master Teacher Award established for the first time to honour teachers who have received the Teaching Excellence Award for three times. On the other hand, four awards were presented under the Research Excellence Awards Scheme including Research Excellence Awards and Honourable Mentions.

In his address at the Ceremony, President Leonard K Cheng pointed out that teaching is Lingnan’s primary mission. “Outstanding teachers create curiosity in students, stimulate their fascination and imagination, and open their eyes to the world of knowledge. The recipients of the Teaching Excellence Award have successfully transformed their scholarly achievements into the power of teaching”, he said.

Prof Cheng also pointed out that research excellence is the hallmark of the world’s best universities, and Lingnan has always encouraged its faculty to contribute to society through original research and knowledge transfer. “The achievements of the recipients of the Research Excellence awards have affirmed our mission of conducting original research and applying research findings to real-world issues for the benefit of mankind”, he said.

Awardees of the two award schemes are as follow:

Teaching Excellence Awards Scheme

Teaching Excellence Awards

- Prof Mark Hampton, Associate Professor, Department of History
- Prof Charles Kwong Yim-tze, Professor, Department of Chinese/Translation and Adjunct Professor, Department of Philosophy
- Mr Marc LeBane, Language Instructor, Centre for English and Additional Languages
- Prof Paul Whitla, Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing and International Business

Certificates of Merit

- Prof Carol Archer, Assistant Professor, Department of Visual Studies
- Prof Liang Liping, Assistant Professor, Department of Computing and Decision Sciences
- Dr Ma Maopeng, Senior Language Instructor, Chinese Language Education and Assessment Centre
- Prof Peng Ling, Associate Professor, Department of Marketing and International Business

Master Teacher Award

- Prof Grace Lau Yin-ping, Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) and Professor, Department of Chinese

Research Excellence Awards Scheme

Research Excellence Awards

- Prof Andrea Sauchelli, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy
- Prof Liang Liping, Assistant Professor, Department of Computing and Decision Sciences

Honourable Mentions

- Prof Leng Mingming, Head and Professor, Department of Computing and Decision Sciences
- Prof Vicki Yeung Wai-lan, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Psychology