30 April, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Research and academic activities

An art exhibition entitled “New Hong Kong Art: Contemporary Inspirations” was held at the Leung Fong Oi Wan Art Gallery on 23-28 April, displaying artworks by Visual Studies students at Lingnan who completed the courses “Western Art – Romanticism to Modernism” and “Contemporary Drawing”. An opening ceremony was held on 23 April.

The exhibition showcased works on paper made by students and many of the pictures are about Hong Kong society. The art history students have made an artwork that addressed an important issue for contemporary Hong Kong, taking their inspiration from a canonic work of art from Western modernism.

The works by the “Contemporary Drawing” class engaged with the themes discussed in their course including place, home, time and history. Their drawings displayed students’ skill in rendering pictorial space, perspective and tone as well as their ability to use a variety of mark-making techniques and drawing materials. The series of collaborative postcards also on show in the exhibition addressed the theme of “Strange Places”. The postcards were accompanied by collaboratively-written haiku by students at the University of Macau expressly to inspire the collaborative creative efforts of the “Contemporary Drawing” class.