31 March, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Serwing Lo, Year 3 student from the Department of English of Lingnan University, has recently won the first runner-up prize (university category) at the International New York Times Writing Competition 2013 “Word (World) of Yours” with her essay “Myth and Reality of Education”. Organised by the International New York Times Education Team, the competition has attracted talented young writers from local universities and secondary schools.

In her essay, Serwing shared her encounters with classmates from all walks of life and pointed out the inequalities in Hong Kong’s education system. She focused on the difficulties of impoverished children to get into good schools – especially Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools – and do well in their studies due to the lack of financial support to join extra-curricular activities and tutorial classes. “In Hong Kong, we allow our children to grow up thinking that persistence will lead to success or bring them out of poverty. However the awful reality is that when education gradually becomes commercialised and more elitist in this new era, the disparity between haves and have-nots will keep on growing,” Serwing concluded in her essay.

Serwing has a love for the English language since small. During her studies at Lingnan, she further developed her interest in literature and critical thinking skills through reading different forms of literary works.