30 July, 2014
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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Lam Wing-yee, Year 2 student of the Faculty of Social Sciences, has been awarded the HSBC Overseas Scholarship to take a one-year course on Geography and Environment study at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK in the academic year 2014/15. Year 2 students Au Suet-sze from the Faculty of Business and Cheng Ka-lok from the Department of Translation have also been awarded the HSBC Hong Kong Scholarships. They received their awards at the HSBC Scholars Day on 16 July.

“We fail to have a clear concept on the source of water. It may probably be because when we acquire water, what we only need to do is to turn on the tap and pay a little money without thinking and involvement in the process.” Participating in a field trip called “Son of Dongjiang River” organised by the Friends of the Earth Hong Kong last year has inspired Wing-yee to think about Hong Kong people’s habit of consuming water. The visit enabled Wing-yee to experience the cycle of nature, during which the villagers acquired resources from and abandoned them to nature. However, the balance between nature and mankind has been destroyed by the gradual development in the villages and the introduction of a wide range of chemical materials. Wing-yee was inspired to think of what she could do as a Hong Kong citizen including to think twice before you buy, and to reduce the use of chemical materials which are harmful to nature.

Wing-yee’s strong sense of environmental protection was fostered by her mother and grandparents when she was young. Wing-yee remembered that her mother had shown her some documentaries on environmental protection and the global resources, which built up her concern for social issues and sense of environmental protection. As a young adult, she has participated in different kinds of voluntary work. Besides the “Son of Dongjiang River” field trip, she had joined a community outreach programme organised by Petra Christian University, Indonesia, to visit a school located at a small village in Dileman, East Java, helping the villagers to pave the path outside the school and teaching the students English, arts and teeth brushing. The visit has aroused Wing-yee’s concern for the hygiene condition and health problem in Indonesia’s remote villages. It also encouraged her to apply for the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK to take the one-year course on geography and environment study.

Talking about her career aspiration, Wing-yee has a strong determination to contribute to the planning and implementation of environmental policies by becoming a researcher in environmental policies. She is a member of the Young Scholars Community-based Research Programme of the Office of Service-Learning, Lingnan University and is doing a research on waste recycling and sustainable development in Hong Kong recently.

Congratulations to Wing-yee, Suet-sze and Ka-lok!