30 September, 2013
The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong
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The kick-off ceremony of the Lingnanian Career Mentoring Programme (LCMP) 2013/14, officiated by President Leonard K Cheng, was held on 12 September.

This year, a total of 47 professionals including five Court and Council members and 42 alumni excelling in different professions, including accounting, banking, finance, insurance, administrative management, human resources management, marketing, mass media, public relations and social services, have committed to be the Programme’s mentors. They will offer advice and guidance to 79 selected final-year students, with each mentor supervising one to three mentees. The mentors will share their valuable job hunting and work experiences, which can help the students better understand the requirements of employers and society at large, in order to better equip themselves.    

President Cheng expressed his deepest gratitude to the mentors for their guidance to the students and contribution to the University. They exemplified the Lingnanian spirit of selfless sacrifice and served as role models for students when they passed their knowledge and experiences onto the younger generation. President Cheng urged students to seize every opportunity to exchange ideas with their mentors, and to learn from them the skills to get along with others, which would benefit them for the rest of their lives. 

Mrs Loretta Shuen Leung Lai-sheung, the University’s Treasurer and Court member, shared her experience of being a mentor for various institutions at the ceremony. One of Mrs Shuen’s mentees, Mr Matthew Tsui, a 2013 graduate of the BBA (Hons) in Accounting programme, took the opportunity to thank her for the guidance, support and encouragement to him. Matthew pointed out that LCMP provides students with a wide range of learning opportunities, and helps them improve their interpersonal skills. “Mrs Shuen has arranged many accounting related workshops for us. She has also invited other alumni to share their job hunting experiences with us, and analysed employers’ requirements, which proved to be very useful for our future career development,” he said. Matthew has identified his own career path through participating in the programme.